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Maintenance is Key to Keeping Your Investment Fresh!


    Clean and Positive Environment


  • Visitors will have a consistent, pleasant experience upon entering your facility.
  • Your facility’s administration and/or employees will benefit from an enhanced image, higher morale and an increase in safety and productivity.
  • Visitors will have a consistent, pleasant experience upon entering your facility.
  • Trusted, recognizable, friendly craftsmen. All RPC employees will be uniformed, bonded and insured.
  • Facilities Maintenance services include routine inspection and maintenance of grounds, buildings and infrastructure assets. These services can range from provision of a single one off service to multi service term contracts.
  • Consistency in the work performed, to your satisfaction. The job is not complete until all levels of satisfaction are met.


    Cost Benefits


  • Increase the service life and value of your facility.
  • Standard, continuous maintenance is less expensive than total replacement.
  • Increase workplace morale, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Predictable, consistent budget item.




  • Set up weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, based upon your facility’s needs.
  • RPC handles all project sizes, large and small, in a professional, courteous manner.
  • RPC can perform during facility’s off hours, thereby providing quality workmanship with a minimal interference with facility operations.
  • RPC can bill for services rendered, based upon your budgetary needs – i.e., monthly or annually, allowing for a smoothed cash flow over the period of the contract.






  • Clean and Positive Environment
  • Cost Benefits
  • Flexibility



Clean and Green


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